Last trip to the Huntington

I just made my final trip to the Huntington Library for a while. It was not a particularly productive afternoon. I could not hunt down anymore information on Kympton Mabbott’s will. I did verify that he got a marriage license in March 1703. His new wife’s name was Elizabeth. I am wondering if it is possible that either this or the Ellen Mabbott, widow of Kympton in Cornwall, was mistranscribed. Elizabeth and Ellen could be mixed up, right? Otherwise, there is either a third wife or a second Kympton Mabbott running around. It’s possible that there were two Kymptons, but the name is very odd. No offense intended to any Kympton Mabbotts running around out there right now. Actually, if you are named Kympton Mabbott, and Kympton is a family name, you are probably related to Gilbert in some way. Drop me a line.

I have also been having trouble finding an index for wills proved at Canterbury between 1700 and 1750. Does such a thing not exist? I’ve found indices on either side, just not for the 50 years I need. I’ve long since given up on finding Gilbert’s will, but I was hopeful for Kympton’s.

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  1. gilbertmabbott

    Okay, I’m a little irritated with myself. I have searched the TNA site before for wills with variations on the spelling of Mabbott. I tried today by simply searching for the first name Kympton. I found his damn will. He was certainly long-lived. He was born in 1653, and assuming that this is the same Kympton Mabbott, he lived until 1726. 73 years old! Wow. It certainly looks like him: a son named Gilbert and a daughter named Dianna Maria (presumably named after his father and sister). He does appear to have been married at least three times; at the time of his death, he was married to Mary Mabbott. He looks to have done pretty well for himself, and althought he obviously isn’t the dead husband of Ellen Mabbott, he did own property in the right area to have been connected to her somehow. He also mentions that his brother, John, had three children, the same three children mentioned in George Clarke’s will. It certainly looks like the same Kympton. He made it out to Bath.

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