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Footnotes on the iPad

UPDATE (7/2/2014): I see that many people are still viewing this post. Please check out my updated post here.

I will be resuming close work on my dissertation this summer when my teaching responsibilities end. Who knew that it was so much work? That was rhetorical. At that point, I’ll probably start having a lot more to say.

I did want to do a quick post on using footnotes on the iPad. I have one, and it has been a constant source of aggravation for me that there has been no way add footnotes. It makes the iPad more or less useless for academic work.

However, I was recently playing around with Pages and discovered a way to trick the thing into being useful. I found that, if the document already has footnotes (or you have loaded something else into Pages that already has footnotes), I could copy in the in-text note and paste it elsewhere in the paper. This would lead to a new footnote field being created at the bottom of the page with the previous footnote text. I could then edit it to add a new citation. Though this could screw up the numbering of the footnotes, I found that by going out to “My Documents” and then back into the document I was working on, Pages would fix the numbers.

I think that, although this opens up the possibility of actually doing serious writing on the iPad, this actually makes me angrier with Apple. Clearly, though Pages is capable of adding and editing footnotes, Apple has simply, and for an unfathomable reason, refused to add the capability.

I thought that, since I haven’t seen anyone else discuss this, I would post something on it to help those of us academics out there who would rather carry around an iPad than a laptop. Hopefully it will help someone.


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