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I’m not dead

Wow, I haven’t updated my blog since April.  If you have been checking in occasionally, I sincerely apologize.

I have been keeping rather busy.  I was teaching Writing 2 in the spring, and this summer I have been teaching the history of Christianity: 1300-1648.  Summer session is always such a grind.  Lectures go Monday through Thursday.  Once we got to the Reformation it got a bit easier, but I am not an expert on Ockham, so the first half of the course was a bit dicey.  Overall, the class has been enjoyable, I am happy to be able to list this one in my repertoire, and the end is just around the corner.  All lectures are written, the last one to be delivered on Wednesday, and the final is on Thursday.  Thank Ockham.

I have caught another cheater.  This one isn’t nearly as bad as the ones last summer.  This one looks like he just ran out of time; I know he has been having some kind of trouble at work.  Still, I will have to fail him for the paper.  What I’m wondering about is whether or not I should fail him for the class.  If I give him, say, a 50, there is a chance he could walk out of the class with a D, technically passing.  Sort of.  I think a C would be very unlikely.  I will make a final decision after I talk with him tomorrow.

In bigger news, I have just landed a one-year lectureship at California Lutheran University!  I am very pleased.  I am also a bit nervous; finishing the dissertation seems hard enough without being a lecturer.  It is also in Thousand Oaks, which is about an hour and ten minutes away in easy traffic.  Still, the people seem nice, the campus is pretty, and I could really use the work and experience.  I will also not be teaching in my specialty.  I’ll be helping teach their World History survey courses and teaching some other classes, at least one on Japan.  They already have an adjunct professor, Peter McDermott, who does what I do (and had the same advisor, even) and is very good at it, so there is no need for another Tudor-Stuart historian.  It pays to study broadly, I suppose.  I will also be teaching a composition class.  What do I do again?

I am in the process of shrinking down one of my chapters to try to get it published.  I have to knock off about 3000 words to get anyone to look at it.  It hasn’t been easy.  I’ll be getting back to it in a serious way next week, when I begin my mad rush to get as much done of my dissertation as I can in a month before starting down at CLU.

Anyway, I guess that’s enough for the first time back.  Expect more updates as I get some actual work done in the next month.

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