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Writing and Writing 2

Wow, it’s been a month.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  The school year has started and I’ve been trying to finish up a chapter.  I can’t believe how painful it has been.  I spend all day and write maybe two pages and I hate it all the next day.  At least I have almost a complete draft, even if it still has to be revised a few hundred times.

I have also started teaching Writing 2.  It’s a freshman composition course required by the university.  It’s been kind of fun, but it is tricky to teach a course you’ve never taught before and not quite what you expected to teach.  It is certainly rather different from teaching a history class.  We spend a lot of time doing exercises and whatever random thing I can think of the night before.  I also still owe the English Broadside Ballad Archive some hours.

I was going to post more, but I don’t really wnat to discuss Writing 2 or my dissertation anymore right now.  I think it’s time for a violent movie.

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