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This is something more of a personal post.  It’s probably not the right forum, but it will have to do.  I found out last night that one of my roommates from college died two years ago.  He was 29 (he would be 31 now).  You always kind of figure that someone would tell you these kinds of things, but in retrospect, how could they?  Jason and I weren’t in touch, we saw each other last for only about 2 hours, and that was 3 years ago.  We (meaning me and his other roommates) didn’t know his family or other friends all that well, so even if they wanted to, they would have no idea how to contact us.

This is a picture of us at graduation.  I’m on the left, he’s on the right.  He ironed his gown, I didn’t.  Like I said, you can’t tell in the pictures.


He had a laugh that was sort of a half screech.  It always made me laugh when I heard it.  He planned to be president one day.  He had an identical twin brother who was thinner than he was and he was very touchy about it.  I bought him a whistle for his birthday one year, because he was working as a security guard and all he was allowed to do if there was a break-in was to call the police, so I thought he should at least have a whistle for self-defense.  I imagined him chasing down evil-doers with it.  He lied to me once and told me he used it.  He once came home so drunk that he rolled down the hill, destroying some bushes along the way, came in through the window because he couldn’t work the door, and shattered his phone on our front porch by accident.  We had to piece it together the next day, only realizing that the grass stains and scrapes came from rolling down the hill as we headed back to the bar that night (we found the trampled bushes).  He loved dogs to an embarassing degree.  He came home from a trip with a ridiculous GOP tattoo on his arm.  Our senior year, he took to drinking Olympia beer.  He sometimes went by the nickname “Smoz.”  He considered changing his phone number to 1-800-THE-SMOZ, but it was already taken.  Sometimes people called him Smaz, because he was kind of a spaz.  Fortunately, he had a good sense of humor about himself.  He had the ugliest POS car I’ve ever seen.

He was a good friend.  Rest in peace, buddy.

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