Carnivalesque 52

I apologize for the lateness of the post.  I had imagined getting this done early enough that many of you might be able to spend a lazy Sunday looking over these posts, but instead it is only still Sunday if you live west of the Rocky Mountains.  Nonetheless, the Carnival is here:

The Proceedings of the Council of State, 9 Julii 2009.

1.  Counsell heard from Wynken de Worde on the fruits of blogging.

2.  Mercurius Politicus petitions to closely examine secretaries and newsbook editors.  So ordered.

3.  That examination be made into the teaching of students.  Ordered that Blogenspiel carry out said inspection.

4.  Investigation to made by Executed Today into a particularly successful saint.  Note: investigation delayed until further report from the Congo.

5.  Airs, Waters, Places to be allowed 4s. for counsell on avoiding monstrous births.

6.  Investigations of a Dog to be admitted to the treasury commission for finding a bright side to archival funding cuts.

7.  Wonders and Marvels to be committed to the Fleet for discussing  a blasphemous relic.

8.  Reports heard from Historian’s Craft on how to use newspapers and 1200-year-old sunken cargo.  Approved with great satisfaction.

9.  Ordered, that Westminster Wisdom review Mark Stoyle’s Soldiers and Strangers and report to this Council in seaven-night.

10.  A special embassy to be sent to welcome Early Modern Underground.

11.  Report by Tudor History that there is a plot to build onto Westminster Abbey.  Ordered, that the Abbey be secured until further notice.

12.  Report by Early Modern History on the Heads of the Proposals.  Debate postponed.

13.  Letter received from Early Modern Notes on some of the reasons that the RHS Bibiliography is so expensive and far better than wikipedia.  Committee appointed for reply.

14.  The Long Eighteenth, imprisoned for questioning modes of information, to be released upon security.

15.  5 l. to Bookn3rd for these medical manuscripts.  To be paid out of the moneys for sequestrations.



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8 responses to “Carnivalesque 52

  1. sharon

    Nicely done!

  2. Dave Mazella

    Great to see the Long 18th here in such company. Now will you let me out? Thanks, DM

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