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PCCBS and San Diego

I am back from San Diego and the annual meeting of the Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies.  The location was pleasant and the conference went very well.  The panels I attended were interesting and I think UCSB made a good showing.  I have already passed my thanks to Abe Stoll and David Como for chairing and commenting (respectively) on our panel.

I unfortunately do not have much else to report.  I haven’t been able to get much work done, and I will likely be working on fellowship and TA applications for the next few days.  As my girlfriend has said, I can’t wait until I don’t have to reapply for my job every year.  In my case, especially since I am more or less certain I will not receive a TAship in my department, the prospect is even less enjoyable.

I recently became an American Friend of the IHR and purchased a subscription to the premium content on British History Online.   While I would prefer to have it for free, I will say that it is very useful and far less expensive than many other options for accessing these materials (and more portable).  As well, I take solace in the fact that it does go to supporting further digitization projects.  Since I am now facing the prospect of working at a university without significant research resources within the next year or two (if I am very lucky), I am more appreciative of the BHO service than I was a year or two ago.  As an occasional employee of the English Broadside Ballad Archive project here at UCSB, I do understand that these digitization projects can be rather expensive and I am happy to support in some way the employment of other poor graduate students in similar positions to me.  Like most people, I am capable of sympathizing with myself and with people like myself.

Anyway, my girlfriend’s cousin is coming into town this evening, and I need to help clean or cook or carry out some other household task.

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