Dog Days of November

I still don’t have very much to report about Mabbott.  We’ve been in the middle of some very dangerous fires.  Why fires are still burning in November is beyond me, but this last week has been very bad.  The Tea Fire in Montecito was quite scary, and a number of faculty and students were displaced.  Some lost their homes.  Westmont College suffered a lot of damage.  The evacuation zone even entered well into Santa Barbara.

Now I’m in Pasadena; my girlfriend and I were going to run in the Pasadena Marathon, but it was cancelled due to poor air quality.  The entire area is covered in smoke and ash; it’s making me nauseous.  I’m not sure what they’re calling this fire, but it is very big.  I swear, the whole state of California is going to go up in smoke.

It’s very hot here.

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  1. Bethanie

    Yea, it seems like California regulary goes up in flames. Makes one wonder about the cost of living in “paradise”.

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