Property and Patronage

Sorry it has been this long since the last post.  I guess I just didn’t have too much to report.  I’ve been looking into Mabbott’s property a bit more.  It would seem he moved up the social scale quite a bit.  Frances Henderson thinks he was the son of a cordwainer.  I think Williams says he was the son of a cobbler.  Either way, he seems to have become definite landed gentry.  I don’t have anything I’m ready to report on yet, but I’m finding some interesting material.

I was reading Peter McCullough’s article, “Print, Publication, and Religious Politics in Caroline England” and he makes a really interesting point.   We can find some of the patrons of various clerics by finding out who stood surety for their First Fruits.  I think I even saw a calendar of First Fruits and Tenths on google books the other day.  As McCullough points out, there were a lot of printers.

I was surprised to discover how deep the ties between the Mabbott and Clarke families ran.  In a published version of his will, George Clarke (Sir William’s son) left a fair amount of property to Mabbott’s grandson (also Gilbert) as well as to a few other Mabbotts I don’t recognize.  Anyway, that’s all for now.


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2 responses to “Property and Patronage

  1. frances henderson

    Mabbott described as son of cordwainer (which means shoemaker!) in his baptismal entry in the Nottingham parish registers!

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