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The Huntington

I do like going down to the Huntington Library to do some work.  If you’ve never been and get the chance, I highly recommend it.  My girlfriend and I were there, and at lunch we took a break to explore the old Huntington mansion, which has been brilliantly renovated, and we looked at the Gainsborough paintings.  There was some kind of orchid show going on as well, but we didn’t go by that.  It’s almost always unpleasant getting to the Huntington, but once there, it’s a great place to work.

Meanwhile, I was following one of Frances Henderson’s references on Mabbott to a letter sent by Sir Thomas Clarges to Major George Rawden.  In it, Clarges mentions that he was lodging at Mabbott’s house on [St.] George’s street in Dublin.  Clarges, Rawden, and Sir Richard Clifton were all clients of George Monck (by then Duke of Abermarle), and there’s a number of letters by them trying to sort out some of Monck’s affairs for him: the interminable business of the lease on his house in Dublin, his livestock, and Captain Hill’s accounts.  Not real page-turners.  Mabbott used to send newsletters to Monck (I know I’ve found one from 1654 and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen others).  I’ve been trying to see if Mabbott was being coopted into any of Monck’s business, but so far, no luck.  It appears their relationship was strictly scrivener-subscriber.  What makes me think otherwise is that Clarges stayed with Mabbott soon after his arrival in Dublin.  Could that really just be chance?  It’s possible, but I think it merits further investigation.

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