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More and more newsletters

I guess I have something of an answer to my question of how good of an agent Mabbott was.  I found another letter with no news, just an update on the response to one of Hull’s petitions.  It sounded fairly positive; Hull was getting some extra security for its shipping.

More fighting with the Dutch, news about fighting on the continent, and the expedition to Jamaica.  I kind of wish I was actually doing something on any of these.  I’m almost done with the newsletters, though.  19 more photos to look over.  I’m not expecting any huge revelations, but I think this has been worthwhile.  I can at least prove that Mabbott had access to the Commons’ Journal, and I can talk about some of his work as an agent. He seems to have been something of a professional at that.

I just found another bit of evidence that I’m pleased with (unrelated to the above newsletters).  A newsletter that Mabbott most likely received was partially reprinted in the Moderate.  It’s not a smoking gun, but it is another piece of evidence to show Mabbott’s hand in the newsbook.  Now I should check to see if it is in the Perfect Diurnall.  But that will have to wait for tomorrow; it’s time for bed.

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