Back from Buffalo

I got back from Buffalo last night.  It was a fun trip for the most part.  I got to see Niagara Falls for the first time, and found out that a private island on the St. Laurence River is cheaper than a house in California.

So far, no interest on that Mazarinade wiki.  I hope someone finds it useful anyway.  I started TAing for a Latin American history course today, which was rather busy because I unexpectedly found out that I was leading 2 sections this evening.  I pulled it off with my usual tact and grace (please realize that that is ironic).

I may be joining the UCSB branch of the Making Publics project.  You can find more info on that here:  It’s based out of McGill University in Canada.  They’re looking more into publishing and reading networks this year, so I figured that my work was right up their alley.  My project doesn’t quite address the “publics” as a concept, but I think that that’s okay as long as I am addressing at least part of their question.

I was hoping to get some work on Mabbott done today, but instead I spent it running around doing TA-related tasks.  Tomorrow I think I’ll do some work on the ballad project (  Maybe this weekend will have time for Mabbott?

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