Thomas Scot

I think that he is a good avenue to pursue.  I found Firth’s transcription of his confession (since he was one of the regicides).  He names a bunch of different sources he used for intelligence.  As well, he mentions that he was involved in shaping publications.  Apparently, John Wallis, the Royal Society founder, used to crack ciphers for him.  It’s a small world.

Does anybody know of anything written on Scot?  Do I just need to look at a book about Thurloe and hope some if transfers? I suppose the main problem with trying to examine Scot is that he destroyed most of his correspondence when we went into exile.  Still, he had been the unofficial head of intelligence after 1647, and the official head since 1649, and I know that at least some of his letters surived, so there has to be more on him somewhere, I just don’t know where to find it.

I just gave my students their final yesterday.  I haven’t graded it yet, but it means I’m just about done with my teaching responsibilities and I’m very excited to be able to get back to work on Mabbott soon.

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