Almost done

Well, I’m almost done with my course.  I had no idea there was this much work in preparing a course.  It would be fine if it didn’t meet everyday, but summer quarter is just such a tough pace.  I would be fine with that, too, but I realized that I don’t get paid very much between this and TAing.  Plus, after 5 weeks of a 6 week quarter, they finally paid me something, and then only half.  So I had to wait until I was almost 90% done, and then just half.  Kind of irritating.  I’ll probably have to wait another month before I get the other half.

I’ve also discovered that there has been little historical work on a general crisis theory since the 80s.  I’ve been wondering if revisionism killed it, though I understand Geoffrey Parker will have a book coming out some time soon.  I’ve also become quite displeased with most of the general crisis theories I’ve read.  They all seem to neglect something.  Either it’s just economic, or it’s cultural, or some other thing.  Certainly it couldn’t have been the result of any one thing.  Anyway, I’m hopeful for Parker’s upcoming book.

I’m looking forward to getting back to work on Mabbott, but I suppose he’s not going anywhere.  After all, he’s still dead.

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