In the UK 2

So I’ve traveling from archive to archive.  Right now I’m in Hull.  There’s the Morrill conference, and I’ve spent the last two days at the Hull City Archives.  It was a nice little archive with friendly people.  I also got to see a really well preserved seal of Mabbott’s.  It has three fleur-de-lis with a bird in the middle.  It’s probably a specific bird, but I’m not sure what.  I even found a receipt for his payment for his work as an agent for the Hull corporation, but it doesn’t say how long the work was for, so it’s almost worthless.  Still, the trip has been very enlightening.  I haven’t really been able to process all the information, but I found some interesting cases to include in my dissertation, including one interesting examination of Laurence Chapman, Samuel Pecke, Anne Griffin, and Francis Leach.  I’ll probably have a much bigger post when I get back, or maybe even one more before I leave.

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  1. isaacnewtonalso

    That sounds really great…but don’t let the seal get your hand, Buster!

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