In the UK

This will be short because my battery is almost dead.  I’m in the UK and I’ve been finding a lot of useful things.  The parliamentary archives are a lot of fun and everyone has been very helpful.  I’ve also been spending some time in the BL and even found a letter to William Clarke that was not so catalogued!  My girlfriend and I are enjoying ourselves in the Cotswolds right now, and are heading to Oxford tomorrow.  We’re both presenting at SHARP, and then I’m heading to London for the IHR grad conference if anyone is interested!


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3 responses to “In the UK

  1. Nick

    Welcome to the UK! Do you have a link to the programme for the grad conference? I couldn’t find it on the IHR website.

  2. Patrick (gilbertmabbott)

    Yeah, for some reason it doesn’t come up very easily on google. Anyway, you can reach it here: Maybe I’ll see you there!

  3. gilbertmabbott

    Sorry I took so long. I responded, but I guess my own comment didn’t go through. Try this:

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