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I was practicing kung fu with my cow . . .

I was watching Once Upon a Time in China recently, and I think that was my favorite line.  Silly Fong.

I’ve been busy translating items relating to the Ormée for a class I am teaching this summer.  I can’t believe how little is in England concerning the Fronde and the Catalan Revolt.  My French is okay, but seeing as I can’t tell the difference between Catalan and Spanish, you can guess where I stand on that.

Relating to my other research, I only have to report one interesting tidbit.  With the coming of the Second Civil War, someone, or some people, started printing old attacks on Buckingham and Strafford, even drudging up the Buckingham-poisoned-James rumor.  I figure that this was part of an attempt to get people ready to fight the king again.  There was some similar parliamentary propaganda, rehashing the grievances against Charles that started the war.  Unfortunately the favorites libels were not licensed, so they are not terribly useful for my purposes, but I still thought it was interesting.  The propaganda offensive is actually far less powerful than I would have expected, but I imagine that it will pick up later.

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