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The Folger

I found a reference by Frances Henderson to an item at the Folger Library.  For whatever reason, they have a copy of Mabbott’s commission as Cromwell’s agent in 1647.  I had so far only seen records of his payments in Clarke’s account books for his work as the army’s agent.  I submitted an order form to get a copy of the commission and a few other items.  I think it’s going to cost around 20 bucks, but it’s still cheaper than a trip to D.C.!

Also, I discovered that anyone can download the Firth edited Clarke Papers from the Online Library of Liberty.  It’s a terrible name, but a useful service.  I also discovered a little while ago that you can download just about all of Gardiner by using Google Books.  The most useful part of these downloads is that they have been OCRed, so you can search the text from your pdf viewer.  I’m hoping they’ll get around to the Calendars of State Papers soon; they’ve already done some.

I’m still slogging away through the Thomason Tracts, taking names.  It’s strange, but one publisher, Bernard Alsop, seems to keep trying to copy another one, Robert Ibbitson, but can’t.  Alsop will claim to have nearly identical matter in his pamphlet as Ibbitson, but then it will be entirely different.  I’m not sure what that means, but it could be significant.  In any event, it would certainly seem that Alsop knows in advance what Ibbitson will publish, since their pamphlets come out on the same day.


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Gilbert Mabbott’s licensing habits

Right now, I’m working on taking some statistics on Mabbott’s licensing.  I’m compiling some spreadsheets, splitting up the different licensers (of course Mabbott is privileged) and the publishers, and I ‘m trying to put each licensed pamphlet into some kind of category for its political persuasion.  I’ve already had to start over twice.  I have to say, though, that having the Thomason Tracts online is a lifesaver.  I’ll be talking about it at SHARP if anyone is interested!

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